Prof. Madhuri Prabhala

Assistant Professor
Speciality Area : Digital Business and Analytics
Speciality Domain : User generated content, Firm generated content, Applications of NLP and ML for practice and research

Madhuri Prabhala is Assistant Professor in the Digital Business and Analytics area at Jagdish Sheth School of Management. She has submitted her Ph. D thesis at IIM Calcutta, which she will be defending shortly. Her doctoral thesis studied the impact of online consumer reviews and firm generated promotional YouTube videos on purchase intention and purchase of automobiles in India. She has presented her work in reputed domestic and international conferences. Prior to joining Ph. D., Prof. Madhuri has 11+ years of industry experience in Analytics across the domains of FMCG, Banking and Consulting. Her work involved advanced econometric applications to solve various business problems, product development, and data warehousing and management. Madhuri also regularly reviews articles submitted to international peer-reviewed journals and conferences such as DSS, ISF, CAIS, IEEE, ICIS, and PACIS.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph. D. Information Systems, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  • M. Sc. Economics., Madras School of Economics (Anna University)
  • B. A. Economics., Stella Maris College, Chennai


Conferences/ Research Experience

  • M. PRABHALA and I. Bose, “Themes and ratings in online product reviews and their association with sales and search”, ISDSI Global Conference December 2022
  • M. PRABHALA and I. BOSE, “User-Generated Content and Online Product Search – The Case of the Indian Automobile Industry” in American Conference on Information Systems, August 2022, Minneapolis, USA (Virtual)
  • M. PRABHALA and I. BOSE, “Does the sum of the parts make up the Whole? Examining the Relationship Between Review Text Clusters and Product Clusters!!!” in Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, July 2022, Taipei, Sydney (Virtual)
  • M. PRABHALA and I. BOSE, “Influence of Search Trends and Review Sentiments on Automobile Sales (the consolation prize)” in 8th international communication management conference (ICMC), 2022, Ahmedabad (Online), India
  • M. PRABHALA and I. BOSE, “The Path to Automobile Sale – From Consumer Reviews to Online Search to Final Purchase” in 8th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, 2021, Bangalore, India
  • M. PRABHALA and I. BOSE, “Does Online Search Mediate the Impact of Online Reviews on Sales? An Investigation of the Indian Automobile Sector” in 19th Workshop on e-Business, 2021, Austin, United States
  • M. PRABHALA and I. BOSE, “Do Emotions Determine Rumors and Impact the Financial Market? The Case of Demonetization in India” IEEM Conference 2019, Macau
  • BOSE, S. LAHIRI and M. PRABHALA, “Simplify 360: Pioneering an Era of Customer Experience” IIMC Case Research Centre
  • D. CHAKRABORTY and M. PRABHALA, (2012), White paper on ‘Digital Marketing – Impact Measurement and Key Performance Indicators’.

Honors Awards

  • Consolation Prize 1 (for INR 60,000) in 8th International Communication Management Conference (ICMC – MICA), 2022
  • INNOVATION AWARD in 2007 for self-initiated development and automation of processes (Information Resources Inc. and Symphony Marketing Solutions)
  • CUSTOMER APPRECIATION AWARD in 2007, 2006 (Information Resources Inc. and Symphony Marketing Solutions)

Teaching Area

  • Fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Managerial Decision Making
  • Natural Language Processing and advanced ML applications


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