New Age Marketing – Complicated or Simple?

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By Mukesh Kumar (PGDM 2020-22).

Gone are the days when every company used to hire only celebrities for endorsing their products or service. Some companies today have stopped giving big cheques to celebrity for ads and they have started realising the importance of real customers in the advertisement. When a real customer promotes the product today, it creates a bigger impact on other customer minds.

Today all the service sectors business focuses a lot on reviews and ratings. SWIGGY, Zomato, Uber are few of the companies which are focusing a lot on reviews. It is a review only which makes a restaurant big or small in SWIGGY. If a restaurant is having good reviews, only then I can think of ordering from that restaurant.

Today Marketing has become more transparent as a company knows whatever they are promising in the advertisement they have to fulfil that promise otherwise the customer is ready to write bad complaints and negative review against the product on social media.

Digital Advertisement has changed the traditional way of advertising through celebrity. Several YouTubers who are common people like us have become a new favourite of companies for promoting the brands because a customer can relate with that person that he is also living the same standard of living like us.

I have one simple question for those who are reading this article – whom will you trust, a big celebrity who is advertising the product or 100 reviews given by common people like you when you will buy a product. I think today you will trust reviews.

Today Artificial Intelligence and analytics have completely changed the marketing business. Suppose if you are searching for a product on e-commerce websites, the websites will show you similar types of products next time you visit the website as now they know which types of product you are searching for. Analytics has a major role in advertising today as the marketer knows how many times you visited the site, which product you purchased and based on that behaviour it will also recommend you similar products to buy.

Today there is a big scope in Marketing and lots of students are building their career in Marketing. But to be successful in this field you need to have the right set of skills to deal with new generation of marketing – one of that skill is how you can use the customer for the benefit of the brand. What you need in this field is to select the right business school which can nurture you in the right direction.

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