JAGSoM: Should I Apply or Not?

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CATKing, a popular YouTube channel for business school advice, has released a detailed review of JAGSoM. The video covers batch profiles, placements, and other critical aspects to help you understand if JAGSoM is the right business school for you.  The main topics of the video and the corresponding time intervals are below. 00:00 – Introduction … Read more

Garba Night@JAGSOM


Blog Post by Saloni  Chand, Cultural Committee@JAGSOM With a T-shaped – unique curriculum, JAGSOM, a famous business school located in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, can boast of 25 years of experience in training students to become industry ready professionals. The Cultural Committee is back with another event, Garba Night, which was held on October … Read more

Tug of War@JAGSOM

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Blog Post by: Rishika (PGDM 21-23) Pep and sports committee organized Tug of war event on 29th September in college hostel ground from 8:00 to 11:00 AM. A total of 16 teams (12 boys and 4 girls’ team) participated in the event, with 10 members in each team. To select the opponents of the team, … Read more

Ethnic Day Celebrations @JAGSOM


By Drishty Sharma, PGDM 2021-23 JAGSOM, a prestigious b-school located in the silicon city of Bangalore, has the pride of 25 years of experience and has been grooming students to become Industry ready professionals with T shaped – unique curriculum. The Cultural Committee is again back with one more event Ethnic Day which was held … Read more

“Will Automation Take Away Jobs?”

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JAGSOM chronicles in its 5th episode talked on the topic “Will automation take away jobs?”. Our panel consisted of Mr. Amit Sood, Senior Director, Sales, Automation Anywhere along with Prof. Soumya Choudhary, Associate Professor and area chair- Finance at JAGSOM. The webinar was hosted by a student at our institute, Miss. Kritika Goel. The show … Read more

Design Thinking Bootcamp at JAGSOM

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By Sayantan Ghosh(PGDM 2020-22) “If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes defining it, and 5 minutes solving it.”  – Albert Einstein On 27th and 28th January, close to 180 students divided into 31 distinct groups at Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM) had got the opportunity to showcase their … Read more

“Be Authentic for Effective Personal Branding”

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By Janani Shyamsundar (PGDM 2020-22) and Ananth James ( PGDM 2020-22) Under the JAGSOM Chronicles webinar series, a JAGSOM faculty member and a senior corporate executive are invited to talk on a contemporary and relevant topic. In a recent edition, the topic was “How To Build Personal Brand“. Jerry McLaughlin in this article in Forbes … Read more

Are You Still a ‘CAT’ if You Didn’t Get a 99 Percentile in CAT?

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By Ranjan Surianarayan(PGDM 2020-22). Last year around the same time, we were grappling with our admission process dealing with the same questions. It therefore made a lot of sense to listen to this webinar featuring our Director, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay and Mr Debasish Ghosh, Country HR Head, Berkadia that took place on 17 Feb 2021. … Read more

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