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How can one build professional networks during MBA


It’s critical to understand that building a network that will support your career goals is just as important as academic improvement during your MBA journey. Let’s look at some doable strategies for creating a diverse network of contacts while pursuing an MBA. Networking doesn’t have to be an impossible undertaking after all.Here are 5 practical methods to help you expand your network faster while pursuing an MBA.

Take the help of Career Services, the placement committee, and the Faculty 

Your professors are more than just guides; they are doors leading to the working world. Their extensive experience and network allow them to assist in bridging the gap between academic concepts and real-world business applications. Develop a strong rapport with your instructors by expressing your job interests, asking questions, and seeking guidance. These contacts may open doors to chances for collaboration and introductions to industry insiders.

Your main point of networking on campus is career services or placement committees. They assist in putting you in touch with alumni and experts in your selected sector by offering tailored networking solutions. During your  MBA, do look out for any mentorship, webinars, or networking workshops they host. These materials have been carefully crafted to provide you with the instruments required for successful networking.

The powerful LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a networking powerhouse in the current digital age. Consider your LinkedIn page to be a dynamic resume and online business card. Include your internships, MBA projects, developing career narrative, and the skills you’ve gained from performing it. Participate frequently by sharing the lessons you learned in class and throughout group projects. Not only are you enhancing your profile visibility when you engage with the material prominent figures in the business share, but you’re also actively contributing to worldwide professional conversations. You should ensure that your profile is always up to date at any point of time.

Finding Your Professional Groups on LinkedIn

Wide networks are useful, but communities on sites like LinkedIn offer specific benefits. Look for forums/groups with a focus on your preferred sector or job role where people are talking about and posting exclusive jobs. These specialized groups help you make contacts with professionals who have similar interests and provide deeper insights as well as job referrals. Take part in targeted conversations to learn about the industry and proactively grow your network. You may connect with people who share your special interests and aspirations by joining one of the many active groups on LinkedIn that are geared to different domains. You can look at the following LinkedIn active groups based on popular MBA domains.

Marketing – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/62352/

Finance – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/84846/

Human Resources – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3761/

Data analytics – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/23006/

Making Use of Lectures and Webinars 

One of the best ways to network is through guest lectures and webinars arranged by various business schools, including tier 1 and tier 2. You can meet prominent academicians, business executives, and innovators from various fields at these events. Be proactive during these sessions by posing thoughtful questions, reaching out to speakers after the event with sincere inquiry, and following up to build a relationship that may be personal or on Linkedin that may result in opportunities for collaboration or mentoring.

International exchange programs and study tours 

Through study trips or foreign exchange programs offered by your MBA, think about taking a trip abroad. Select a course of study that fits your interests and professional objectives. Take in the new culture, pick up new business practices, and above all make friends with academics and corporates in that nation. Through this exceptional experience, you may create enduring relationships with academics, corporate executives, and students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. This will greatly broaden your network and present you with interesting international chances. 


It’s important to keep in mind that developing a professional network requires time and deliberate effort as you pursue your MBA. By utilizing these tactics, you’ll broaden your horizons in the ever-changing realm of business in addition to growing your network. Recognize that networking is important throughout the MBA program, so the process of developing a network should begin as soon as possible. As they say, “A closed mouth gathers no crumbs” Now, networking is one of the most crucial tools for leading a successful corporate life.


When does the industry internship program start in JAGSoM?

Unlike summer internships given by other business schools, JAGSoM’s IIP is a unique program that bridges the gap between academic learning and real-world experience. Before final placements, students have significant exposure to the business world throughout this roughly four-and-a-half-month program that begins in September which acts as the runway to final placements.

How to build a LinkedIn Profile?

Add a headline and profile image that is professional. In the “About” section, briefly summarise your background, MBA projects, and qualifications. Add your education, experience, and abilities from related jobs. Remember to add a background image and connect with other professionals in your sector to make you stay differentiated.

Are Professional Resume Editing services worth it?

Although hiring a professional resume editor might help you have a better-looking MBA resume and possibly get more interviews, you can save money by first looking at free resources. You may produce a powerful CV without hiring a professional by using one of the many free resume builders available, such as Canva, CV.com, and CakeResume. These platforms include templates, editing tools, and downloadable formats.

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