Garba Night@JAGSOM


Blog Post by Saloni  Chand, Cultural Committee@JAGSOM

With a T-shaped – unique curriculum, JAGSOM, a famous business school located in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, can boast of 25 years of experience in training students to become industry ready professionals. The Cultural Committee is back with another event, Garba Night, which was held on October 13, 2021. The event was a huge success.

The Garba Night was held on the 8th Day or Astami of Dussehra, a day which is considered as a very auspicious day. Dussehra is celebrated across India for 9 days and on 10th day (Dasami) Visarjan happens (Saying Goodbye to deity by immersing in water).

Dussehra is being celebrated in the honour of Lord Rama. Dussehra signifies the establishment of Dharma and abolishment of Adharma.

We celebrated Garba Dance in hostel campus of our college where every student from PGDM, SpecX and MBA particcipated. We had a successful event with a great dance on some Garba Songs.

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