JAGSoM: Should I Apply or Not?

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CATKing, a popular YouTube channel for business school advice, has released a detailed review of JAGSoM. The video covers batch profiles, placements, and other critical aspects to help you understand if JAGSoM is the right business school for you. 

The main topics of the video and the corresponding time intervals are below.

00:00 – Introduction to JAGSoM (formerly IFIM Business School)

00:26 – About the Dean

00:45 – About JAGSoM 

01:45 – JAGSoM courses

04:13 – Unique highlights

05:20 – About the Chairman: Prof. Jagdish Sheth 

06:44 – Student lifecycle

11:23 – JAGSoM placements

12:36 – How to get a scholarship

You can also visit Jwww.jagsom.com/admission.php to learn more about JAGSoM admission selection process.

Watch the complete video here:

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