Tug of War@JAGSOM

Picture1 Tug

Blog Post by: Rishika (PGDM 21-23)

Pep and sports committee organized Tug of war event on 29th September in college hostel ground from 8:00 to 11:00 AM. A total of 16 teams (12 boys and 4 girls’ team) participated in the event, with 10 members in each team. To select the opponents of the team, we used chits and then toss to select their favorable side.

Every match had 3 rounds and after every round side was changed. Event was very successful. Everyone participated and played with full passion and there was tough competition between them. Even though many players got injuries, the spirit remained high. The winners for this competition were –

For boys Vishal agency team won – PGDM Batch (2020-22)

For girls Maze & spades team won – PGDM Batch (2021-23)

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