Hult Prize: Campus Round Done, Regionals Ahead!

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So, with some stormy competition, Hult Prize campus round happened at our campus on 13 Dec 2020. The Campus Director of Hult Prize, JAGSOM, Sahitya Raj (PGDM 20-22 batch) has shared the good news that two teams have qualified for the Regionals- Helping Hands comprising of Ronit Roy, Ankit Gupta & Ankit Mehta and Instinct comprising of Sayantan Ghosh, Sumant Kumar & Akash MH. Helping Hands who believe there is a fortune around recycling of food waste, and and Instinct, who are espousing the concept of grain bank, will now head to the Regionals.

Helping Hands will now proceed to the Mumbai Impact Summit

Ingite now head to Punjab Impact Summit.

Let’s wish them luck!

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