JAGSoM: Top 3 Must Do Things to Get the Best Placements

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Top 3 Must Do Things to Get the Best Placements Ft. Barun and Isha from JAGSoM (Amazon, Swiggy, Schneider Electric)

CATKing, the popular YouTube channel for business school guidance, has vital advice for enhancing placement prospects. In an insightful discussion with Isha and Barun, both JAGSoM PGDM 2020-22 students, we learn how to make an impact with leading companies like Amazon, Swiggy and Schneider Electric.

Isha and Barun talk about JAGSoM’s role in shaping their career and enhancing their prospects for rewarding placement opportunities.

The main topics of the video and the corresponding time intervals are below.

00:10 – 3 things to do in an MBA to get the best placements

01:45 – Do internships

05:25 – Know the goal

08:22 – Resume must have keywords

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaTBpzz51X8

You can also visit https://www.jagsom.com/admission.php to learn more about JAGSoM admission process.

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